Chapter One - 21 - Stargazer's Gate

Because talking REALLLY LOUD AND SLOW has worked so well for cats, babies, toddlers, old people, and people who don't speak your language for SO many years.
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7 thoughts on “Chapter One – 21

  1. Seems this new person is agitated that Atrina doesn’t know the language, as though she should or something.

    Also, random question. You wouldn’t happen to have done previous comics, would you?
    Your art is… VERY familiar.
    The only thing that makes me not sure is the different last name (Your name is the same as the other comic, a comic I used to read)

    1. Scratch that, She seems to understand perfectly what this person is saying, I had the dumb when I read it the first time.
      Now, why does she understand? It’s obvious that isn’t the same language.

  2. Oh this is the last one so far I apologize for not commenting lately I can’t wait for the next page I really want to see what happens next I am guessing he is in some sort of prison?

  3. @Zan! Welcome, thought you’d like this comic! I found this waiting for SoG to come back from Hiatus.
    I think Atrina is reading his body language, not hearing words that he is saying. I wonder if he was expecting someone else?
    @Tiffany: try a Franken wine from Germany, or a white Burgundy, or a Seyval blanc. Also fun… A Muller-Thugau, but I doubt any merchants will carry it there. It is hard to get in the States, I am assuming in Toronto as well.

  4. Of course, talking clearly and slowly can be helpful for a non-native speaker who knows your language but not well enough to speak and listen fluently at normal speed.

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