Chapter 1 - 20 - Stargazer's Gate

To͟ ̷in͏v̢ok͞e ̢th̴e ̢h҉įve҉-̡m͏i̵nd̛ r̴èp͟re͠sent҉in̨g̡ ch̀aos̷.
Įnvơki̕ng ̶t҉he̸ ͡feeling͠ òf̨ chaos͠.
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – 20

  1. Nice page! :-)
    Really can’t wait to see what happens next, and “254 messages, message waiting: mum” I am so curious what those messages are, maybe I’m just nosy.

    I have some good news, I received a letter detailing how the internet should now be fixed. The bad news is it still doesn’t work well for me (I couldn’t access the internet at all yesterday).

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