Cast - Stargazer's Gate


Stargazer’s Gate features these fine characters*!

Leawyn avatar

Leawyn Vilanar, a fine, engaged, sensible young woman with sensibilities and no urge to rebel against her society WHATSOEVER. She certainly will not be activating any gates and unleashing demons into her world, and she is offended that you would even accuse her of such malicious activity. All those things about Vilanars are just rumors.


Atrina Vilanar, a troublemaker whose sense of curiosity is far too big for her to handle. She absolutely certainly won’t activate a gate and fall into another universe, disappearing for a decade, only to return with an army of minions from a land she inadvertently conquers. She will very likely eat at least one sandwich.


Caed Calthye, a lawful stupid intellectual, scholarly magic-using type who’s found himself a nice young woman and settled down to a life of peaceful intellectual pursuits. He most certainly will not be getting cursed by witches, outcast from his civilization, and on the run for a decade before being forced to face his past. Really.


Tavar Devon, who hasn’t conquered the entire multiverse. Yet. (Rest assured that he IS trying.)


Darienda, who is probably still alive after being rescued from the ruins of the Library, but it’s hard to tell with those alien Akashrans.


Maera Vilanar, who bought the shoes of Induce Halitosis and no one knows why.


Xerida Stargazer knows absolutely nothing about your damn gates, so stop asking! She is almost certainly evil. FOR SHAME.


Caire Jabron, who is most certainly not an undercover demon, pit bull enthusiast, and only laughed a little bit at her sexist partner’s, um, predicament. She promises.

Hope av

This dead chick.


Mina Rosser, an absolutely perfectly normal daughter of the miller Rosser, who wouldn’t get into any trouble whatsoever, and most certainly isn’t in the dark forest because she ran away, hell no, she must’ve been kidnapped by those awful demonic magic using witches that definitely weren’t unleashed by Leawyn Vilanar.


Aryana Archwynd. Presumably looks exactly like Atrina, minus the sandwich.

*False allegations may abound.

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