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(Hi, Reddit! I am Metruis and make a comic.)


Tiffany Munro got the bright idea to start painting comics and hasn’t stopped since. (She won’t admit it but she actually had to be dragged to art lessons in the first place.) She has a girlfriend, but thank you for asking.

Atrina Vilanar discovers an alien civilization on the other side of a strange gate! Alien to Atrina, at least. People on the other side seem to recognize her. Back home, Lea still believes Atrina is alive, and will do anything to find her.

Some old pages have been changed, however, any old pages can be found in the news directly below the page that was changed.

Stargazer’s Gate is based on my NaNoWriMo 2012 novel. It updates as I am able. Fanart, link exchange requests, and glowing praise can be submitted to my email.. Midget erotica should not be sent to this email address, nor should 5000 pixel wide portraits of demon chickens.

Stargazer’s Gate is rated PG-13 for occasional language (there are f-bombs), graphic violence, shenanigans, and LGBT content.




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  1. I’m not sure if this is the same artist that created the PSD brushes for DeviantArt under the name “calthyechild”, if it is, please contact me through the email I left. I had a question about using your fantastic cartography brushes. -Thanks!

  2. Hi, just a wandering webcomic fan passing by. I would just like to take a moment to say “thank you” for giving decent detail in why your comic is PG-13. Each webcomic chooses an audience with their choice of content. In this case, I am not that audience (f-bombs are a no for me). I know it is a personal decision, and I thank you for telling me this now instead of 100 pages in. Here’s wishing you the best. I’ll drop you a vote on TWC on my way out. Thanks.

    1. I mean if you particularly wanted to read this comic I can send you a censored pdf or something, I would consider the content to otherwise be YA appropriate (the adult language being the main exception, because I’ll be honest, one of my characters swears a lot… if it does bother you you’re making a very correct pass, it’s not like there’s one incident of a cuss in here, there’s many). I used to have a content flag at the beginning of the comic, but I’ve been fooling around with the covers so they’re currently offline. Personally I think you’re missing out on some fabulous entertainment if you let one word be the judge of whether or not you’ll see it, but there was a time that I used to flinch over mere “damn” so I get it. I grew up among a lot of very sensitive individuals so even if I’ve outgrown it (sensitivity to adult language), I try to be respectful of people who aren’t me.

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