Chapter 2 - 32 - Stargazer's Gate

<aryana> because she is dead, was
<aryana> its not lying its omitting a fact or two
<aryana> we do that a lot
<aryana> you can't hear me can you
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9 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – 32

  1. I boldly go where few lurkers have gone before!

    Anyway, the scroll over text kinda creeped me out. In a good way though. Added to the sense that there is stuff hidden in this world.

  2. Still checking in, but first time back in a couple of months. Still glad to be back and see an update. Wishing you the very best!

  3. yay a page!This seems like an interesting development… of course we’d need more info to make much sense of it. now I need to go comment on the other page. this comic is so interesting but the pages are way to far between.

  4. Is this story comic now dead since there has been no updates or information since October last year?

    If not it would be nice to be given some idea when postings will resume.

    1. Hi, Ivan! I am actually working on the next page right now. It’s been a long time coming but I’ve finally gotten back into making art. I’m just trying to get a small buffer together before I resume updates, as after all, it’s been so long, what’s another week or three. I am alive and I am actively drawing. While I can’t promise an exact day, I can tell you that the next page’s backgrounds have been done and it’s mostly inked.

      Wow. October. It feels so much more recent than that. Depression is a killer. D:

  5. Hi Ti, thanks for the update. When a comic goes into a very long period of nothing I wonder what has happened to the creator, are they ill, have they moved on to something else, has their life changed. It is especially worrying that in the past couple of years the group of bookmarks I have listed as ‘inactive’ has grown considerably. Please try and not be too depressed, I know it can be a killer because I have lost two friends to it.

    Anyway, I think all of those that come here to check on activity will rejoice that you are still with us and working on the next few pages.

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