Chapter 2 - 23, 24, 25, 26 - Stargazer's Gate

Gave her tea and released her after a civilized conversation about the political interchange between our two worlds.

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11 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – 23, 24, 25, 26

  1. Glad you are doing better. I am Not an artist, I am a wanna-be, always have been. I encourage others to do it. But I cannot do it myself. That is why I am so excited for you to do your comic. Because you can.

  2. the bad webcomics wiki has entries for webcomics higher on topwebcomcs
    than yours they usually put any comic they find that isn’t perfect up there so that is why i congratulate you!

    1. Auron, I would love to know what a perfect web comic looks like. I like to think that Kahmith & Ixion are perfect, and GunnerKrigg, … So I am guessing that Bad-Webcomics-Woki is fabricated and made of 99 & 44/100ths Pure Troll. I can’t think of anything more futile and seeking perfection in the realm of taste. Even daVinci had and still has critics. Too immodestly, too formulaic, too … Tooo-too. Oh, please! DaVinci? Really? So I avoid that site, except to find new comics that I Will like. Mostly because they don’t.

        1. You are correct, they do point out valid weaknesses, but I find they very seldom list the strengths of the comics in a way that counters all the negativity.

      1. Auron, nah your comment was fine. Th’ older I get the more I don’t care for criticism that doesn’t offer hope. Web Comic Police just get on my nerve, in that they do a very good job pointing out problems and weaknesses, but offer almost no positive critique to go with the criticism. I think they will get more balanced with age.

    1. (sticks head in) I wasn’t okay but I am still among the land of the living and have started picking away at the next update. Kind of an evil cycle: you miss an update and feel like you have to make up for it with a longer one, so one and so forth, and so I got very caught up in thinking I could never meet the expectations I’d now set out for myself.

      I am working on the next page. I just have to sleep now because I have a job training session in 5 hours.

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