Chapter 2 - 21, 22 - Stargazer's Gate

Atrina probably gets a penalty for sneaking while wearing BRIGHT YELLOW.
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8 thoughts on “Chapter 2 – 21, 22

  1. What speed RAM? How big a chip can your MoBo take? Lemme know.
    Any consolation is I tore my ACL in half, and I don’t do art for very much time at a stretch, or it goes numb.
    Get yours healed, or fixed, don’t wait until it is too late, like I did. They can’t fix mine now.
    I have a PCI-2 video card if you need it….
    Gosh, I hope you heal up well.

  2. Oh, hey, you still extant? Are you in the hospital or something? Boo !!? Ms. Munro? Still there? You are scaring me, …

    1. Aw, don’t be scared. I’m intact, just slow going. I’ve basically had to learn to work left handed, because I have such limited oomph in my right arm still. Here’s a sneaky preview of the next update. I’m working on it, just slowly. After seriously setting myself back trying to get updates out I just kind of gave up on it for a little while to try let my shoulder heal up.

      1. Updates are important.
        Being able to DO them is more important. Heal first, then art. Before a big day, folks try to get a good night’s sleep. Prepare. — Then do! And enjoy the Win. Not the other way, which is Do– then regret, and wallow in Fail.
        Be full of Win, heal up, then art.

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