Chapter 1 - 16 - Stargazer's Gate

Decomposing Singular Values 
Decrementing Tectonic Plates 
Deleting Ferry Routes 
Depixelating Inner Mountain Surface Back Faces 
Depositing Slush Funds 
Destabilizing Economic Indicators 
Determining Width of Blast Fronts 
Deunionizing Bulldozers 
Dicing Models 
Diluting Livestock Nutrition Variables 
Downloading Satellite Terrain Data 
Exposing Flash Variables to Streak System 
Extracting Resources 
Factoring Pay Scale 
Fixing Election Outcome Matrix 
Flood-Filling Ground Water 
Flushing Pipe Network 
Gathering Particle Sources 
Generating Jobs 
Gesticulating Mimes 
Graphing Whale Migration 
Hiding Willio Webnet Mask 
Implementing Impeachment Routine 
Increasing Accuracy of RCI Simulators
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5 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – 16

  1. I must say, that in hind-sight, my nerdy youth was awesome –we had such good friends and such great parties, … Except for the one’s I threw where nobody showed except my very best friend. He’s dead now that I am old.
    I could be angry about how things turned out. I had cancer but it got better, I can’t get my wife excited, but I have a wife who loves me. I barely make enough money to buy gas, but I have a job. What I am saying is; all I have is the right-now. The only chance I have to be happy before I die, tomorrow? Next week? Tonight? I don’t know, so the only chance I have is to be happy right now! So I choose to focus on the good in my life, and not the fact that I’m over 60 and barely make minimum wage. That’s not the good part, the good part is that I am alive, and I choose to enjoy every minute of every day. Even at work! – Le Gasp!
    Even at work. I’m old and cold and happy, I could be old and cold and bitter, and would that make anything better?
    I am not saying, “Don’t feel like that!”. That is not what I wish for you. You have this super awesome web comic, that has got great art, and wonderful story, and a intriguing beginning, with lots of draw for readers. So my wish for y is that you see how wonderful your comic is, and what joy it brings to your few readers as it is discovered. More will come, because it is well done! Beautiful effects of a fantasy world, that is full of mystery! Bring us more blue pages!! Or what Ev you young people say these days.
    Awesome comic! You will see me here, for updates. And thank you for bringing such a great comic to the webz, or what ever you call it these days. (emoticon= smiley face)

  2. Best wishes for your birthday – even if, as you say, it is not all meaningful from someone knows you only via your webcomic.

    Your flowing-holographic-platform panel dividers on this page certainly did come out very well, whether or not they were precisely what you intended. I also particularly liked the vine-entwined borders on page 10: despite the angularity of the dividers, I think they are even better than the ones on page 8.

  3. Happy birthday and a really nice page yet again. Good luck with getting the graphics design position, too. :)

    Can’t wait to see what is going to happen later in the comic!

    I should be making a game in flash as part of my course. I’m not a great artist, though, so it’ll be interesting to see what I can come up with, should be pretty fun either way! I’ve never played SimCity :'( , but I’ve played the Sims 1, 2 and 3, and I can see the resemblance from the text now. :P

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