Chapter 1 - 15 - Stargazer's Gate

Adding Hidden Agendas 
Adjusting Bell Curves 
Aesthesizing Industrial Areas 
Aligning Covariance Matrices 
Applying Feng Shui Shaders 
Applying Theatre Soda Layer 
Asserting Packed Exemplars 
Attempting to Lock Back-Buffer 
Binding Sapling Root System 
Breeding Fauna 
Building Data Trees 
Bureacritizing Bureaucracies 
Calculating Inverse Probability Matrices 
Calculating Llama Expectoration Trajectory 
Calibrating Blue Skies 
Charging Ozone Layer 
Coalescing Cloud Formations 
Cohorting Exemplars 
Collecting Meteor Particles 
Compounding Inert Tessellations 
Compressing Fish Files 
Computing Optimal Bin Packing 
Concatenating Sub-Contractors 
Containing Existential Buffer 
Debarking Ark Ramp 
Debunching Unionized Commercial Services 
Deciding What Message to Display Next
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4 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – 15

  1. If Leawyn is panicking about Atrina disappearing through the gate, and this is only a page or two, then I would think that (2)-Leawyn would come immediately after Atrina traverses the gate, and (3) or possibly (1) next. (But I feel a bit uncomfortable second-guessing the webcomic’s creator, since what’s going to happen in the story’s near future could affect which choice works best.)

    By the way, I love the way you use light and color, and the creative panel dividers! Not to mention the promise of the narrative itself…

  2. Dream*Scar is the comic that allowed me to find Stargazer’s Gate. :’)
    Anyway, this page looks awesome, all those little intricate details must’ve take ages — including all that text that displays when you move the mouse over the image! :O

    Anyway, I’m back after not being at my computer for ages/not being able to access the internet. :D
    Internet is still terrible, though. It seems like it only wants to work every now and then. :'(

    “What kind of game would you make?”
    Hmm: a 2D, side-scrolling platformer with puzzles! I love those types of games, whether I would make a good game or not remains to be seen. :'(

    I’d like to see what Atrina does for a while but the other options should be cool to see, too!

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