Chapter One - 17 - Stargazer's Gate

Increasing Magmafacation 
Initializing Tracking Mechanism 
Initializing Rhinoceros Breeding Timetable 
Initializing Robotic Click-Path AI 
Inserting Sublimated Messages 
Integrating Curves 
Integrating Illumination Form Factors 
Integrating Population Graphs 
Iterating Cellular Automata 
Lecturing Errant Subsystems 
Mixing Genetic Pool 
Modeling Object Components 
Mopping Occupant Leaks 
Normalizing Power 
Obfuscating Quigley Matrix 
Overconstraining Dirty Industry Calculations 
Partitioning City Grid Singularities 
Perturbing Matrices 
Pixalating Nude Patch 
Polishing Water Highlights 
Populating Lot Templates 
Preparing Sprites for Random Walks 
Prioritizing Landmarks
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3 thoughts on “Chapter One – 17

  1. Took me a while to view this page, my internet is dying on me yet again (should be fixed soon … hopefully). D’:

    So Atrina is trapped now on the other side of the gate, and are those a bunch of other gates I can see that branch out from the centre? :'(

    I think I finally read all those little bits of text within the frames and then realised a while after that the second page used text and numbers to separate panels! I thought that was pretty awesome! I love the glow effects used, too!

  2. I agree with Danny, the glowy shinies are used to great effect on this page, although I miss the vines. After you practice Bar &Vine calligraphy for a while, you get the hang of doing it fast, really fast.
    Now I will attempt to acquire Mr. Azoth for this site. He likes a good riddle. science or otherwise.

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