Chapter Two - 9, 10 - Stargazer's Gate

...She left out the part about the lemon when she told ME.
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4 thoughts on “Chapter Two – 9, 10

  1. Hey, I’ll send a bit of money your way when I can.

    Wanted to do it for Christmas but I lost my debit card, whoops. Still waiting for the new one.

    Also, been planning on sending that fanart, but only recently got access to my PC where it is stored, so you should get that soon, hopefully.

    -35C is crazy! I’m sure it gets no way near that cold over here!

    Also, happy new year!

  2. Oh, hey, glad/sorry about your laptop. What-evs, computs a really weird stuff, I cannot predict them either way, I just know that when I get a new one, it works. But sometimes problems go on till you get a new one, and sometimes you get a week and BOOM, the computer doesn’t run on any more. I back up a lot, now. Let me know what Type and speed of RAM you need when you build the new one. I’ll donate a big stick. You can bash the old mother board with it. *giggle*. :–). You know I will.

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