Chapter Two - 3, 4 - Stargazer's Gate

Chapter Two – 3, 4
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6 thoughts on “Chapter Two – 3, 4

  1. It’s because it’s wine. A nice brandy or scotch doesn’t cause the hangover the sulfurs in wine do to some people. ;)

    1. Yeah, Sulfites do TERRIBLE Things to people. I almost got divorced on my wedding night. It was horrible. Headache lasted three days of the honeymoon. Gah,… It was awful! Rum for me, even if Elizabeth tries to burn it all up.
      @Tiffany: Hope the cable got to you all right.

        1. Yes, but why the rum!!??
          This is the second time on this site that someone has gotten a joke of mine. Either everybody is really old, or they are into old movies.

  2. I remember when doing P.E. at secondary school, we did rugby in the cold, winters weather in nothing but shorts and a t-shirt. Afterwards my hands were so numb I couldn’t get my school t-shirt buttoned up, nor my trouser’s zip. The water from the cold tap felt warm on my hands and the hot tap felt scholding hot.

    When my hands finally warmed up, they felt like they burning, it hurt and sucked. I guess it wouldn’t be anywhere near as cold as it was for you in Canada, with me being in the UK and all.

    Hmm, that was such a long time ago now.

    But yeah, I know that must’ve sucked, like, a lot. :-(

    On another note, how can you make the comic pages so good!?
    I tried drawing some fanart a while back, I gave in ’cause apparently I really suck at drawing!
    I’ll probably go back to it when I get more free time, I’ve just had so much work this past week. ;(

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