Chapter One - 28 - Stargazer's Gate

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5 thoughts on “Chapter One – 28

  1. A really nice ending to the chapter. :)

    I don’t mind if the next page is a chapter cover or if it’s late, I’ve waited a long time for a comic update from another artist before, I just check back every so often. :D

    As for locking myself out:
    I probably should’ve gone down stairs…
    When speaking to the security dude, he said people have gone down in a lot less before… I just don’t know if I should find that worrying or reassuring.

    Because of locking myself out, I’m really paranoid about closing the door, I just don’t want to get locked out again! I panic every time I think I’ve left my keys inside, when they’re just inside my pocket. >__<

    Oh, and I have some doorstops, by the way. I should really, really use them next time…

  2. Oh, cool!

    I just saw Leawyn on the voting-gateway page on tobwebcomics for Stargazer’s Gate. That’s a total coincidence, right? Out of all the possible characters that it could display, it displayed one from the same comic I was voting for.

    Surely that’s not a coincidence?

    Screenshot, lol:

    Either way, I thought it was pretty cool and for anyone who hasn’t voted, vote here:

  3. Yeah, there is this word I heard for folks who don’t know how to plant themselves, “Peripatetic” –now is that a cool word or what? I’ve seen grown men tear their own heads off rather than move again, … Wait, that was the Priana Brothers, never mind. I’ll come in again: Wonderful page, I’m not in the hurry to know how, I am just interested in process, and how you get your colours.

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