Chapter One - 27 - Stargazer's Gate

Mom it's not FAIR she cheated and hid in a pocket dimension and I couldn't find her!
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4 thoughts on “Chapter One – 27

  1. Well, they are very pretty vines. Are you using Dr. Martin’s inks? You are getting amazing effects. I’d love to know your process.

  2. A friend who writes told me that as an exercise he takes the main character, figures out what he will do, figures out what the opposite would be for him to do, and then writes the story about how the hero does the opposite of what he should. And the story is the why, and what happens then.

  3. I think you should be good with the plot twists, so far I have no idea what you have in store for us, unlike The Amazing Spider-man where me, my friend and my brother predicted the story straight from the start. I guess that’s just how some things go.

    I have a little story (nightmare) to tell:
    I locked myself out my room last night, with nothing but my boxers and my iPod which was fun.
    The stupid doors auto-lock when you don’t leave the latch thing on, so I went outside my room to turn the hallway light off (got to save electricity!) just before going to bed and click, the door shut behind me…

    I decided instead of going downstairs in my boxers (because I’m really shy and there’s lots of people down their at that time usually), that I’d wait for the morning when my mum and dad would be able to hopefully sort something out.

    So basically, I tried sleeping in the bathroom, and was in there for about 8 hours with nothing but an iPod touch with a terrible battery. I manage to contact my mum and dad over Skype using my iPod (thank God the internet was working) who reluctantly agreed to drive down to get me some clothes in the morning (luckily I’m living pretty close), and then I went to the security guard downstairs who unlocked my door for me.

    I love student accommodation…

    Well, at least I had an eventful day.

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