Chapter One - 26 - Stargazer's Gate

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6 thoughts on “Chapter One – 26

  1. The Snow By Night link didn’t work. :'(
    I’m assuming the href in the anchor was meant to be:
    instead of:

    Anyway, nice page!

    “I’d like to think there’s a few things I’m doing that people won’t expect until it hits.”
    Yay, I like surprises and I’m pretty nocturnal, too. At one time I screwed up my sleeping so much, I was sleeping during the day and was awake at night, I also went to bed sometime after 4:00am yesterday which is pretty bad of me. and I only just woke up about an hour ago, haha.

    Oh well, that was silly of me.

    1. Thank you for letting me know about that error! I’m ESPECIALLY glad you did because, uh, I found out when I went to correct it I hadn’t made Friday’s page visible. o_x

      So uh.

      There’s a page back there that none of you guys saw.

      1. You’ve very welcome, but you forgot the “http://” before the start of the link?
        ‘Cause the link is still not working for me. :'(

        Anyway, glad to see another page appear. It definitely helps the pages flow better. :D

        1. Try now?

          And yeah… I derped. I’ll comment on it in the news for Friday and hopefully everyone who missed it will get a chance to check it out. Especially because it was one of my favorite pages!

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