Chapter 1 - 13 - Stargazer's Gate

The space-time continuum is worth precisely 325,039,583 dollars more than their allowance will provide.
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2 thoughts on “Chapter 1 – 13

  1. Updates are not required to be timely, however, it Does help build a fan-base when you update on time. It builds trust.posting s B&W page is better than not posting. Posting a time when it WILL be up is better than posting nothing then, an apology later. People still check for The Meek to update, and it has posted like three pages in two years. Give them your best plot with your best art, and colour is a bonus. Fancy fonts are not as much fun as creative made up fonts. Michael Wheland was the best at it, … I mean after Zapf and Garamond. The fonts-guys.

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