[S] Chapter 3 - page 1 - Stargazer's Gate

I think you will find I in fact can drag you.
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2 thoughts on “[S] Chapter 3 – page 1

  1. As far as I am concerned, a Patreon account would make no significant difference: the donation process using the “Donate” button is simple and straightforward.

    Could it make a difference to you? My impression, based on two or three Patreons that I have looked at, is that they can take a significant amount of time and effort, but that the authors hope this will be repaid in a significant increase in support, from advertising the webcomic (leading to increased readership) and from special perks for those who donate. My impression is that luck and the author’s talent for advertising might be as important as the author’s artistic talent. Perhaps some of your fellow SpiderForest artists might have experience that would allow them to provide better advice, if you are considering whether it would be worthwhile investing the time and effort?

    Good luck, in any case!

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